Happy 10th anniversary to Mitzy Neuhaus!

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She wants to save her dream home.  But it’s built on a secret that might get her killed.


Portland, Oregon 2008

Mitzy Neuhaus feels a little guilty about her success. One of the few real estate agents making money in a depressed market, she longs to build goodwill in her community. So when her dream house  is about to be foreclosed on, she leaps at the chance to save it... only to discover it's been sacked and looted!

Furious that the historic home has been pillaged, Mitzy draws up plans for the greatest fixer-upper of her career. But with someone willing to kill to win the bidding war, she may find closing the sale is a bad deal for her survival.


Can Mitzy get the house without buying the farm?


"If you like old houses, light mysteries, and clean reading, you’ll love Traci Tyne Hilton's quirky adventure."


Buy Foreclosed to put a down payment on danger!

Traci Hilton writing Cozy Mysteries as Tess Rothery and Christian Fiction as Traci Tyne Hilton

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Small towns, romance, quilts, coffee, and crime.

Tess Rothery's cozy mysteries transport you to a quiet world where murder lurks under the comfortable surface of everyday life.

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Faith, hope, and love.

Traci Tyne Hilton's fiction explores the sometimes funny, sometimes romantic, and always puzzling place where murder and faith collide

Tracihilton.com and tessrothery.com are the official site of author Traci Tyne Hilton also writing as Tess Rothery

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